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July 07, 2008

Ricky and Lucy's Country Greenhouse Newsletter Sidney, NE

Teri,  Ricky_lucys_greenhouse_logo

Greetings from Ricky & Lucy's Greenhouse!

Summer's blossoms bask in the warmth of the sun; they shamelessly enjoy these longer days. Produce gardens of herbs, fruits, veggies & the like quickly pick up the pace in the heat. From a gardener's point of view, we just work to keep up with it all! Mother Nature must chuckle as she watches us scurry to & fro! Indeed, there is much to accomplish; rewardingly, the fruits of our labor abound as we relish (& eat!) the prolific eye candy of the season.





That's right, we've got a sale on annuals: buy one, get one free of equal or lesser value! It's not too late to create some gorgeous containers or add great color to your yard. You might not know that we carry many annuals that you haven't seen locally. Tall & bushy, creeping & trailing, twirling & vining-let these beauties weave their way into your heart!

AND- Have you heard of pelargoniums?


PeriYou might not think so, but you have! Pellies (or geraniums) are a big family that includes the typical zonal geraniums you see at stores every spring. But, did you also know that pellies come in many other exotic forms that do just as well in our area? We carry quite a few at Ricky & Lucy's:
~fancy zonals that are drop dead gorgeous with cheerful bright blooms held up against dramatic, darkly splotched foliage
~angels (hard to find) in upright & trailing varieties-very well-suited to hanging baskets & a great alternative to common ivy leaf geraniums
~scented leaf geraniums that will amaze & surprise you with their diverse aromas-perfect for a collection!
~& more!
This may not be the first time you've heard of scented leaf geraniums, as they've recently taken the gardening world by storm. However, they have been around since the early 17th century! They (& all other pellies to my knowledge) hail from

South Africa

. Scenteds have been grown by prominent Americans like Thomas Jefferson. They were adored in Victorian times, when potted plants were placed just so to catch the skirts of women passing by, thus releasing their fragrance into the air. Your grandmothers, great grandmothers & on back may have grown them as houseplants on windowsills. More recently, the scented geranium was named Herb of the Year in 2006. Yes, they are herbs! Scented leaves are mainly used in desserts & beverages. The leaves can be layered in sugar, then the scented sugar is used in recipes & teas. The leaves also lend themselves well to crafts, including potpourri & soap making. Scenteds are easy to grow indoors & out-they make great houseplants on a sunny windowsill. Children absolutely love them! Finally-a plant a child can touch to their heart's content! Truly, scenteds bring out the scratch & sniff in all of us, I think. Start your collection with some lovely varieties from Ricky & Lucy's! Most scenteds can only be propagated by cuttings, & the greenhouse lovingly does this throughout the winter months. We have fruity cultivars like apple & grapefruit, spicy scents like nutmeg & cinnamon, refreshers like peppermint or floral scents like old-fashioned rose! And-they're discounted 25%! Come peek & sniff while supplies last; they are highly addictive & you might find a great grouping for yourself or a friend!

~Herb of the Month Club! 

Herb of the MonthRicky & Lucy's Herb of the Month Club continues to be a fun endeavor. Send us a note today to receive your monthly e-mail describing a chosen herb, its uses & a time-tested recipe. Mixed Pickling Spice is on for July, with a recipe for Summer Shellfish Boil. Absolutely scrumptious! Sign up today to find out more!

*Don't forget that we carry great lines of organic fertilizers!

FertEarth Juice (liquid) & Perfectly Natural (granular slow-release) products provide you with choices for lawns, tomatoes/vegetables, roses/flowers & all-purpose feeding. Wait 'til you see the fabulous results from these amazing goods!

In closing, we'd just like to invite you to come out to the greenhouse anytime! For those that might not be familiar, many gardens surround the barn, greenhouse buildings & our home. All sorts of plantings that highlight tree/shrub rows, pond/water features, shade beds, veggies, herbs, natives, perennials, annuals, container/window boxes, statuary-you name it, we have it! Bring a friend & enjoy a relaxing stroll together. The gardens are putting on an exceptional show this year & you can gather all sorts of ideas for your own landscaping. If you come by yourself, why not settle down on one of the many "perch spots" scattered throughout? Feel free to read a book, or just close your eyes & listen to the wonderfully peaceful sounds around you. We promise that you'll have a great time! Until then, enjoy your summer & we'll look forward to talking with you soon!

Happy planting,

11732 Road 32







New Products and Product Updates:

1. Redwood Mulch:

Wow! We've had great response to our mulch over the last month; thank you! This mulch won us over with its abilities to stay put in the wind. The rich color looks great & is highly complimentary to plants in beds. In the spring, just turn the mulch over a bit & it looks brand new again. Still some left-come take a look!

2. Comfrey Tea:

A must for your tomatoes! Our homemade tea fresh from our own comfrey plants out in the garden-tomato plants at the greenhouse go nuts over the stuff! A great organic fertilizer sold for a limited time only!

3. Naturally Grown Veggies & Herbs:

Straight from the greenhouse gardens to your table! Fresh rhubarb cut throughout the season-perfect for desserts & other imaginative dishes. Call us to find out the latest & greatest available produce! On the same note, we'd like to share some info with you that we just received from a friend on the lifesaving benefits of whole foods (like fruits & veggies).  Click Here to watch the video!

4. 2008 T-Shirts:

Still have a few in stock-get yours before they're gone-wear it to the greenhouse to get 15% off all your purchases during the entire year! No additional discounts on sale items.

5. Radius Ergonomic Garden Tools & Atlas Nitrile Gloves:

These wares are hits in the industry & proven performers, too! Tools have bright green, curved handles that are easy to grip when joint pain is an issue. Durable gloves fit like a second skin so that you can actually feel what you're doing-no more baggy garden gloves!  Order your garden tools today!

6. Fall Bulbs:

Ricky & Lucy's will be taking requests from now until August for our annual fall bulb order. If there are any specific varieties you have been hunting for, please let us know. We'd love to include your interests on the order!  Click here to see the bulbs we have available.

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