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March 17, 2010

Stratos Jet Charters Launches New Daily Weather Report Program

Stratos Jets revolutionizes the aviation industry by providing detailed weather reports to air charter consumers

By Christine Harper


March 5, 2010, Orlando, Fla.: Stratos Jet Charters, Inc., a Florida-based jet charter company, recently announced the launch of a new daily weather report program, designed to provide air charter consumers with important weather information regarding air charter flights in the United States. The Aviation Weather Report Program, a free online service, will include information about severe weather conditions such as icing, turbulence, wind and heavy precipitation.

During inclement weather conditions, private jet charter is the safest and most reliable form of travel. Private jets have the ability to fly around poor weather conditions and land at safer, alternative airports. Despite this capability, charter flights can still experience delays due to severe weather conditions preventing departure. Air charter agents with advanced knowledge of inclement weather are better prepared to resolve these issues. They can reroute aircraft and ground transfers to help meet the passenger’s schedule.

By analyzing aviation weather data and reported national weather trends, Stratos Jets agents are now able to generate daily weather reports for their air charter consumers. These daily weather reports will ensure that private jet fliers have a thorough understanding of forecasted weather conditions in advance of their next charter flight.

In addition to the new weather report program, Stratos Jets will also provide their clients with a detailed weather briefing for every charter flight booked through the agency. These weather briefings are designed to inform clients of weather conditions they may encounter during their flight, from turbulence to heavy winds.

Stratos Jets is the only air charter agency in the industry to provide clients with a personalized weather report for their specific charter flight.  Joel Thomas, President of Stratos Jets, said he decided to launch the new program after identifying a need for user-friendly aviation weather data. Thomas said the goal of these daily weather reports and individual flight briefings is to provide passengers with weather information they can easily understand and use to maintain their own personal safety.

“We know that we can’t control the weather,” Thomas said. “What we can control is the information that we provide to our clients. Our role as air charter agents is to protect our clients and inform them as much as possible about storm systems or other hazardous weather conditions that could have an impact on their charter flight.”

To learn more about Stratos Jet Charters, visit them on the web at www.stratosjets.com.

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Joel A. Thomas

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This really helps the customer either to take a commercial flight or a private jet, when commercial flights are canceled, they can choose the private jet charters.

Posted by: Private Jet | Mar 31, 2010 11:59:22 AM

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