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June 23, 2010

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. Expands Air Charter Service in New York City

Stratos Jets now offers private jet charter service to and from New York City on Hawkers and Gulfstreams


Orlando, Fla., July 15, 2010: Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

, a worldwide air charter agency, recently invited one of the largest private jet operators in the New York City metro area to join the prestigious Stratos Jets’ Approved Vendor Program. Stratos Jets can now provide on-demand air charter service to and from New York  on the most diverse aircraft fleet in the country.

The mission of the Stratos Jets’ Approved Vendor Program is to ensure that every Stratos Jets vendor meets and exceeds with the strictest, most stringent standards in the industry.  In order to become a member of this elite association of air carriers, the New York-based operator had to demonstrate its compliance with Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation regulations as well as Stratos Jets’ own safety and maintenance standards. These high standards were established by Stratos Jets air charter professionals to ensure the safety and quality of every charter flight. 


To become a Stratos Jets approved vendor, the aircraft operator was required to demonstrate its commitment to air charter safety standards by maintaining extremely high levels of aircraft insurance. These insurance standards require a minimum of $25 million of insurance from the operator on all turboprop aircraft and $50 million on all other private jet aircraft. By maintaining a higher level of aircraft insurance, Stratos Jets can verify aircraft operators’ commitment to passenger safety and aircraft maintenance.


Stratos Jets’ newest vendor met and exceeded these safety expectations by maintaining a minimum of $100 million on all 14 of their approved private aircraft. These new and highly-insured aircraft range from the turboprop to the heavy jet category, and include (but are not limited to) a King Air B200, three Hawkers 4000s and a Gulfstream GIV. This diverse line of jet aircraft can accomodate a variety of different New York City charter flights  from same-day round trips from Teterboro to Cape Cod on a King Air B200 to international jet charters from New York to London  on a Gulfstream GIV.


According to Joel Thomas, president of Stratos Jet Charters, the diversity of the new approved vendor’s fleet will enable his company to provide a valuable on-demand charter service that meets the specific needs of his clients.  Thomas explained that because his company has access to the most diverse fleet in the New York City area, his air charter agents can provide one-way and round-trip pricing on the most appropriate aircraft for individual charter flights. Through this vendor relationship, Stratos Jets hopes to offer business executives and travelers air charter service on 14 of the safest and most highly-maintained aircraft for Manhattan, White Plains and Teterboro areas.


To learn more about how to become a Stratos Jets approved vendor, contact a Stratos Jets representative at 1.888.478.7286.


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