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August 05, 2010

"250 Reasons" to Love the Florida Pandhandle

We just returned from several weeks of traveling along the coast. The beaches that made the Florida Panhandle famous were as clean and fluffy white as ever. We made our initial plans to visit this area of the country to support the local hoteliers and restaurateurs in the midst of the spill. We couldn't have made a better decision for our summer plans. Unfortunately, most business owners that we spoke with said business was off by 50%.

In an interesting reflection on human nature, the day that the wellhead was capped and the news stopped running images of the spewing oil, the hotel owners said their phones started to ring.

Visit www.250reasons.com to learn about the special promotions being paid for by BP in conjunction with the local tourism boards to simulate travel along the Gulf Coast. Make a reservation and travel between now and Labor Day and receive a $250 credit to spend at Silver Sands Outlet Mall in Destin / Miramar Beach or for a future flight of your choice on Southwest Airlines. Read the promo details for the specifics of course.

Take advantage of this end of season promotion and support the locals along the Florida Gulf Coast.

VRBO destin

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August 02, 2010

Check out this video for the upcoming Brew Ridge Music Festival. The festival will feature lots of great live music and fresh local craft brews. Looks like a great place to "get your funk on!"

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