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September 21, 2010

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. President Joel Thomas Advises Jet Travelers on Cold Weather Flying

Joel Thomas warns travelers to avoid hazardous fog and icing conditions this fall and winter

Orlando, Fla., Sep. 20, 2010: Joel Thomas, president of Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. ,

a worldwide air charter agency, issued a statement today, warning private jet travelers about the adverse effects of cold weather on fall and winter jet charter travel.

According to Thomas, an authority on “cold weather flying ", two types of cold weather, fog and ice, can have serious effects on the safety and availability of private jet aircraft.  In his statement, Thomas advises jet travelers to “plan accordingly” for this fall travel season by working with expert air charter agents with a reputation for ensuring safety.

Although fog is not typically considered severe weather, it can still have detrimental effects on aircraft availability and passenger safety.  Thomas explained that “fog is caused by low-lying clouds forming into a single layer, which reduces runway visibility conditions needed for safe operation by private aircraft.”  In the chillier months of October and November, fog delays hundreds of early morning and evening departures out of coastal areas such as California and New York.  This significantly lowers the number of aircraft available for jet charter flights.”

In his statement, Thomas also warned jet travelers about the presence of hazardous icing conditions for jet charter flights to Chicago

 and Seattle.  Aircraft icing occurs when moisture in the air freezes and ice accumulates on the surface of a private aircraft. 

According to Thomas, “aircraft icing is one of the most potentially dangerous types of cold weather because it disrupts the airflow over a private aircraft, which decreases lift and increases drag.  Once ice forms on an aircraft, it can limit a pilot’s ability to control the aircraft, especially during takeoff and landing.”

Thomas concluded his statement on cold weather flying today by reiterating the fact that jet travelers should only work with “cold weather experts” who can ensure their personal safety during the fall and winter.  Thomas explained that experienced air charter agents have the necessary cold weather knowledge and expertise to avoid inclement weather conditions and ensure passenger safety.

Experienced air charter agents, such as those at Stratos Jets, have access to hundreds of private aircraft that are well-equipped to handle the effects of cold weather.  In the icy, winter months, Stratos Jets agents have access to several aircraft that are equipped with de-icing and anti-icing systems to avoid hazardous icing conditions. 

In addition, Thomas says that “Stratos Jets agents work with large aircraft operators to source all relevant aircraft for private jet charter flights.”  In the event of a weather delay or cancellation, Stratos Jets experts can provide multiple “back-up options” for charter flights and typically negotiate out of any repositioning fees.

“When flying becomes dangerous this fall, don’t take a risk by working with an average jet charter broker,” Thomas said in his closing statement. “Jet charter brokers take advantage of travelers by selling charter flights without properly evaluating the safety measures of every jet charter flight.  By comparison, Stratos Jets air charter agents ensure that every charter flight is conducted on the safest aircraft by the most experienced flight crew in the industry.”

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