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February 11, 2011

Partnering for the Future—Legendary and Vision Airlines Partner to Offer Incredible Deals on Destin Travel and Fun

Peter Bos hosted the grand announcement of Vision Airlines' expansion beginning flights out of Okaloosa County.  Peter Bos, CEO of Legendary Inc. said the announcement by Vision Airlines to expand its flights out of Okaloosa County is a win-win situation for not only Destin, but also the Entire County and region.

“I have been trying to market this area for 33 years now, and this has the potential to be the biggest thing that has happened to our area,” said Bos. “This can turn us into a year-round destination.”  “Think about those people who live in Shreveport and have a nine hour drive… they will come here more often; they may even be more interested in real estate since the travel is easier.”

Vision Airlines, the Suwannee, Georgia based company began as a charter carrier, founded in 1994, recently announced that on March 25 it would begin commercial service to 23 destinations, many of them in the South and along the Gulf Coast, with destinations originating from Northwest Florida Regional Airport. Prices for the new destinations will normally start at $79 one way. The airline chose to focus on that region because it is underserved by major airlines, which often offer regional jets, long layovers and high fares, said Bryan Glazer, Vision’s spokesman.

“This is our hub. We’re putting our roots in the ground here and growing here,” said Clay Meek, Marketing and Business Development Director for Vision Airlines. As of December 17, 2010, Vision Airlines began flights between Northwest Florida Regional Airport and Niagara Falls, NY. Starting March 25, Vision Airlines will offer flights to and from Northwest Florida Regional Airport to 12 new destinations including Atlanta; Huntsville, Ala.; Savannah, Ga.; and Louisville. A week later on April 1, service will start to and from Chattanooga, Tenn.; Shreveport, La.; Asheville, N.C.; Columbia, S.C.; and Orlando.

Meek said only about 3 percent of Northwest Florida’s current tourists get here by flying. Vision Airlines has targeted cities whose residents are already driving here for vacations. About 29,000 people from Asheville, N.C., drive to Northwest Florida each year, he said. In Louisville, it’s nearly 90,000.

Originally started in 1994, the airline operated flights for their tour business, out of Las Vegas. The expansion from a sight-seeing company, into commercial airlines opened up opportunity for travelers seeking lower fares, yet preferring a non-stop flight. The company partners with resorts to offer super package deals for your stay.

On the part of customers, there seems to be no shortage of interest: Vision started ticket sales this month with a $49 introductory fare for travel to cities in Florida that proved so popular that customers inundated its call centers and a surge in traffic crashed its computer servers, the airline stated.

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Planning a Ménage a Trois for Valentines?

Winter clings here with her clammy grip and Spring is a promise unfulfilled. Are the “grey days” getting you down”?    A Valentine Getaway is the perfect solution for your blues. Do you want this Valentine’s Day to be an occasion you and your partner will remember forever? Now you can get away to wherever your heart desires and not feel the least bit of guilt.  No guilt you say? That’s right!  Let The Wings of Love take you to an unimaginable dream destination.  That big bed in your luxury suite is just begging to be fully occupied.  No separation anxiety will keep you from having the best Valentine’s Day Getaway ever. Pet owners want their beloved animals with them and hotel properties are listening. Now you and your pets can travel together—no one has to be left behind.

Celebrities such as Oprah and others aren’t the only ones who can travel with their precious pets to getaway destinations.  Now, you can bring your beloved pet along on your next trip.  You and your loved one can enjoy your stay with your pet in your luxurious room.  Your best friend will no longer have to stay in some kennel or “cat house”.  Your favorite furry traveling companion is now as welcome as you thanks to new policies now offered at many hotels.  Revel in the personalized service that these pet friendly hotels are now extending to our furry friends.

Several major hotel chains now offer programs to pamper your pooch as much as you.  Under these new programs, dogs can have their own designer beds in which to luxuriate. The beds match the decor of each chain and are designed by a celebrity pet outfitter.  You and your best friend can hang out together. If you are a cat owner; you and your cat can have a “purrfect vacation”.

Some hotels offer food, water bowls, and temporary ID tags with the hotel's contact information.  Other hotels feature beds with miniature "Heavenly Beds" duvets.  One major chain offers plush doggie robes, leashes, and collars.  With accommodations like this your dog may offer to share his bed with you, a la Ménage a trois, if you have more than one furry friend!  Some hotels extend Concierge service for your pet as well as you.

Imagine your dog receiving a toy, a treat, and a bone upon checking in--a far cry from slipping your pal in the back door in a laundry bag. At this chic hotel, your dog will also enjoy turn-down service with a special nighttime treat. Some hotels offer in-room doggie massages by a licensed dog massage therapist.  Yes, Licensed Certified Dog Massage Therapists do exist.

Can’t take your pet along this time? There are pet-dedicated hotels that accommodate your pet in the most luxurious style imaginable.  Here, the furry guests have their pick of luxury theme boarding suites complete with a toddler bed and padded bedding, throw rugs, TVs and DVD players. Felines stay in kitty condos, a private area of the facility far away from “The Dogs”.  To make sure pets are well taken care of and to eliminate any parent-pet anxiety, parents can check on their furry friends via Web cams, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment installed in the accommodations.

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February 02, 2011

Booked Accommodations for the Super Bowl—Now What?

While the teams have just arrived in Arlington, Texas for the big showdown, Texas style, football fans are scrambling to join in the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl XLV festivities.  Both teams are confident and proclaim that they will be the winner when the final whistle is blown on this Super Showdown. All that remains is for the fans to crowd the stadium for this classic playoff.  Many fans have already booked their accommodations and have already started flocking the area in anticipation of the big event.  For those who have waited to book, there are still Arlington hotel rooms available for those who have not yet secured their reservations. Five hundred new listings for accommodations have just been released in the Dallas area for The Super Bowl.  While it might be fun to watch this event on your large screen TV, there is nothing like living the excitement of a championship game and a matchup like this one.

So now that you have booked your accommodations and have arrived, what do you do before the Big Game?  The wife wants to check out an Arlington spa and the local shopping and you want to play a few rounds of golf or tennis.  Fortunately, the area has much to offer for football fans in terms of entertainment, restaurants, and fabulous shopping.  Best of all, you will enjoy the Texas enthusiasm that is so contagious and the Texas manner of making you feel welcome.  Their sincere desire to make your stay the best Super Bowl experience will warm your heart to Texans forever.

If you are not familiar with the local area and need some help deciding what to do while you are in the area, you might check out an internet directory listing local businesses and that provide information on most of the cities in the major markets.  Such a directory can help you find a bed and breakfast, a luxury hotel, or a resort hotel with golfing packages or other package deals.  A city guide helps users locate nearby shopping, boutiques, bakeries, art galleries, as well as restaurants.  The better sites are easy to navigate, do not have the bothersome pop-ups, and are user friendly for both English and non-English speaking travelers.  If you have not used one before, you will be in for a pleasant surprise.  You may have found a new friend in this excellent resource.

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