May 12, 2011

Images: Mississippi River Flooding

Looking N from old river structure

Barges being pushed up the Mississippi River south of Natchez. Old river beds visible with rising water.

    Gates open

Old River Structure, gates open allowing water to escape and taking pressure off the levees in lower Louisiana.
Churning Water near LT

Rising waters churning near the LeTourneau manufacturing plant south of Vicksburg.

South Vix 30 min

South of Vicksburg, MS approximately 30 minutes. Levee is on the Louisiana side of the river.

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March 24, 2005

Company Has a Face is like any other company, it has a face. This is my first post to a blog and I thought I should begin with the big picture. I work with which is an Internet company, a city guide available on-line with a PC or with handheld devices, but the company like any other company is made up with people. These people look like other people, some older than others, some female and some male. We work with business partners, and consultants all the time. Paul Chaney, with Radiant Marketing and Sumi Helal with come to mind.

When we first meet someone in person, we have a chance to form an opinion about that individual. With an Internet company that personal touch seems lost. Yesterday one of the female employees had a blue outfit on and she looked like a spring flower. This is important because we are in a basement.  Oh, we have two windows, but the office is in a basement (can't you just see it).

When I graduated from college, I went to see the richest man I knew personally. He gave me a book by Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich. The point I took from that book was to work WITH someone, not just FOR someone. and employees are like that. They work with each other as a team. We touch about 50,000 lives a day at and I want people to see our face.

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March 13, 2005

Welcome to the Blog, also known as DOT, is the ultimate travel and shopping directory that provides information about the most interesting and exciting features of a town. We've designed our interface to be simple and easy to use so that whether you're planning a trip, thinking about relocating, or wanting to buy a gift for a friend or relative in another town, you'll find your experience here a pleasant one. has information on lodging, dining, attractions, specialty shopping, activities, events, recreation, weather, maps and reservations. We've created a vast network of towns and businesses of all sizes across the U.S. and listed their data FREE to assure you have a complete guide, a one-stop source of information.

We want to use blog as a way of acquainting you with the people who make up our company, our travel guide, and information on events and businesses in the towns that make up our directory.

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