May 10, 2011

Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage

DiscoverOurTown offer prayers for all of those families and small business owners effected by the destructive tornados. Even though the storm is commonly referenced to Tuscaloosa, we recognize that the destructive nature of the storm was much greater and effected people all across Alabama and Georgia.

We would like to update our database with any businesses that are closed or were destroyed. You can help by clicking on the "Is this Accurate?" button on each profile page. The sooner we get our data updated, the sooner that users can feel confident in the information presented on Uneffected businesses will again be able to utilize our online referrals more quickly.

Thank you for your help and comments.

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October 20, 2005

Lakewood Ranch Shopping & Dining Guide

I Want To Know Where The Locals Go; a tried and true shopping and dining guide for Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas, written by a local who has actually tried each establishment that she recommends...without forewarning the merchant that she was there to evaluate their place.  "If the establishment that I was evaluating was not consistently good after THREE visits they are not in my guide!"
Available for purchase online or at The Hidden Gate Gift Shop and The Main Street Book Store located in Bradenton, Florida.

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September 23, 2005

Love, Lust, and a 3-Legged Dog by Malcolm Allred

Love_and_lust_pic I have had the privilege of speaking with Malcolm Allred to find this masterpiece is humorous and somewhat suspenseful.  His first edition novel, Love, Lust, and a 3-Legged Dog, deals with coming of age in the South.  Fine description captures the reader with riveting wonder and refuses to let go.  Be prepared for some unexpected twists and turns, some of which actually were inspired by true life.  I recommend this lighthearted novel to anyone who feels the need to smile.   

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July 29, 2005

Creative Image Web Design

I have spoken with Alexandra Saieh of Creative Image Web Design and discovered an enthusiastic, intelligent person, who is great with web designs.  Alexandra offers a sophisticated image to clients where businesses will be recognized in a fun or professional manner through the Internet.  If you are uncertain of what to do - Alexandra will gladly help you!

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