June 17, 2009


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    We're Finally Open on Church Street!
    June, 2009

    Storefront 110 Church St. Dear Customer,

    The wait is over! Tradewinds' is officially open on Church Street! After months of planning and weeks of heavy lifting we are proud to call 110 Church St. in Burlington, Vermont our new home- so come down for great savings on jewelry and Imported Asian Handicraft, and check out our new improved look!

    Still not a big enough perk? How about a SECRET SALE for newsletter recipients? To thank you for all your support of Tradewinds we'd like to offer you your choice of two coupons - at the bottom of this newsletter - for either 20% Off any one Sterling Silver item purchased in store, or 10% Off any one Gold item purchased in store, from June 4th until July 15th. Bring the coupon in with you, or mention the code word listed on the coupon to receive your discount!

    Store Interior 110 Church St.
    We look forward to seeing you at the new store!

    Swing into Spring SavingsSweetheart Pearl Earrings
    June Sales, Online and In-Store

    Sure, the biggest hype this month is our new store - but we won't let that stop the sales! For June, we've got two fantastic in-store sales coming your way:

    • June 4th - June 14th: PENDANT SALE! Buy one sterling silver pendant, get the second one half off!
    • June 15th - June 28th: BEAD SALE! 15% Off all styles of beaded necklaces.
    So mark your calendars, visit the IN-STORE SALES CALENDAR, and choose Tradewinds for all your gifts and jewelry needs this spring and summer!

    Prefer to shop online? We've got a special deal for our online customers. We've taken 20% Off the price of ALL PEARL JEWELRY online. That's right - even the gold! Obsessing over these stunning cultured pearls? Or looking for that perfect light and dangly summer earring? There won't be a better time than this!

    Check Out the On Sale Now Page

    Pearl MagicPrecious Pearls Beaded Necklace
    The June Birthstone Unveiled

    The lovely month of June is known for two elegant birthstones: the dreamy blue rainbow moonstone, and classic pearl. Now don't dismiss pearls as those dusty things your grandmother wore every day without fail - the charm of a perfect strand of beads, or the unusual color and shape of freshwater pearls, can fit any style or time!

    Curious about these subtle beauties? Here's a few interesting facts about pearls:

    • Early Chinese myths told of pearls falling from the sky when dragons fought.
    • In China, Pearls are thought to give wisdom, quicken the laws of karma, and protect children
    • The Greeks thought pearls were the tears of the gods, and that wearing pearls would promote marital bliss.
    • The Ancient Hebrews believed that pearls were used by God to decorate the Garden of Eden.
    • In ancient Rome and medieval France, only the aristocracy were allowed to wear pearls.
    • Pearls are considered to offer the power of love, money, protection and luck

    Browse More Birthstone Jewelry for June

    Shipwreck!Triggerfish - Picture Credited to Wikipedia
    Diana's Travel Story Enters The Deep

    This month in Fun Features, the Travel Story is "SHIPWRECK! Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands". Diana writes, "We left the sunlit world of the surface and began the slow descent to the depths. Ten meters, and the sunlight above became a fading memory. Fifteen meters, the daylight darkened ominously. At eighteen meters, the ocean became an eerie emerald green. I peered into the gloom, and barely made out the ghostly outline of the ship..."

    Read More On Our Fun Features Page

    Jade Dragon Snow MountainBlack Dragon Pool - China
    Travel to China's Highest Peaks in June's Photo Galleryo China's June's Photo

    China's Yunnan province sits at the far eastern edge of the Himalayas and possesses some of the most spectacular scenery on earth.
    In this months photo gallery Dave captures it's beauty and brings us first hand images. Check it out!

    June's Photo Gallery

    Dave's Off AgainDumpling Man, China
    Spring trip takes him to Thailand, China and Indonesia

    Life never stops in the busy world of imports! A week after Tradewinds opens in the new location, Dave is off again for his latest buying adventure. Where will this trip take him? Follow his journey on our Happenings Page, and stay tuned for quotes as Dave emails us funny stories and quotes along the way!

    Check Out Dave's Trip

    New ArrivalsTurqouise with a Twist Sterling Silver Earrings
    New Jewelry, New Colors, New Cases

    Tradewinds has been busting at the seems, and we're using this new store to bring more of our jewelry to you than ever before. Our talented staff has been working frantically to design colorful and displays of all our hottest and brightest jewelry. Come in and try out the full Tradewinds Experience!

    Can't get to downtown Burlington? No worries! We're bringing more jewelry to the website too. For this June we've added some luscious pieces of turquoise, a few truly incredible new pieces of opal, and rounded out the collection with some sterling silver earrings and bracelet - perfect for that summer sun dress no-cares feeling. Enjoy, have a wonderful June, and we hope too see you soon!

    Browse Our Newest Arrivals
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    Save 20%

    Circular Logic

    Coupon only valid at our 110 Church Street, Burlington, VT location. Coupon not valid for online purchases. Limit One Coupon Per Customer. This discount cannot be combined with other sales, promotions or offers.

    Print out coupon and present In-Store at Checkout,
    or use codeword TRIGGERFISH

    Offer Expires: July 15, 2009
    Save 10%

    May Queen Gold and

    Coupon only valid at our 110 Church Street, Burlington, VT location. Coupon not valid for online purchases. Limit One Coupon Per Customer. This discount cannot be combined with other sales, promotions or offers.

    Print out coupon and present In-Store at Checkout,
    or use codeword SANDPERCH

    Offer Expires: JULY 15, 2009

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    March 02, 2009

    Spring Into Sales at Tradewinds Imports - March 2009

    What's New?
  • Love Silver As Much As We Do?
  • Going Green
  • This March, Go From Blue To Green!
  • Death and Life in Tanah Toraja
  • The Day I Got Into Trouble At the Kathmandu Airport
  • David and Diana Travel On

  • Spring Into Sales at Tradewinds Imports and TradewindsVT.Com
    Hot Must-Have Affordable Spring Styles are Waiting For You
    March, 2009

    Tracery of Blue Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant Dear Customer,

    We at Tradewinds know your wallets are still tight and winter still seems like it'll be here forever. But we think we can cheer you up with a few perfect spring deals. This March, we're bringing back our BUY ONE, GET THE SECOND HALF OFF sale - TWICE!

    From March 2nd until March 15th, ALL PENDANTS qualify for this amazing discount. Then, from March 16th until March 29th, come back and get the matching Earrings! We know you'll be just as enthusiastic as we are to SAVE SAVE SAVE as you stock up on HOT spring styles.

    Remember, buy one to get the second half off! Discount applies to Sterling Silver jewelry in store only, during the dates of each sale. Discount taken off item of lesser or equal value.

    Want more hot deals? Check out our IN-STORE SALES CALENDAR online to find out what's coming up next!

    Love Silver As Much As We Do?Dancing Spirals Sterling Silver Earrings
    Spring Into SILVER with 20% Off Online!

    Need something shimmery, light and affordable to help spruce up your dull winter wardrobe? We've got just the perfect thing. Come check out our SILVER BY DESIGN BOUTIQUE and see for yourself! TradewindsVT.Com wants YOU to save money this Spring without sacrificing style. Look your best - and let us help. All this month, we're taking 20% off the ENTIRE Silver by Design Boutique. And as always, Tradewinds Online offers FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry purchases.

    Looking for something with a bit more color? Why not check out the PENDANT SALE happening on our ON SALE NOW page? These items are overstocked and last year's styles and we have GOT to make room for all the jewelry David and Diana are bringing home. Help us out by giving one of these beauties a good home!

    Shop the SILVER BY DESIGN Boutique

    Going GreenStoneware Serving Platter with Frogs
    Whether You're Looking For Wedding Gifts, Or Just Something For the Home, Tradewinds Has What You Need

    Did you know Tradewinds has more than jewelry? We offer excellent imported handicraft at affordable prices as well! Check out this stoneware platter from Indonesia - it's food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave friendly, and displays two adorable little frogs! Looking for something more like a mug? Or a cookie jar? Tradewinds offers a great selection of handicraft in our FOR THE HOME online gallery.

    Need the perfect gift? Tradewinds can ship to anywhere in the United States or Canada - and we'll work with you to find affordable shipping options for other destinations as well! Your items will arrive in good time, and in perfect condition. We'll even include a gift receipt with a special message from you!

    Check Out "For The Home" by TradewindsVT.Com

    This March, Go From Blue To Green!Soothing Green Jade and Sterling Silver Earrings
    Introducing the Mystical Birthstone for March: JADE

    Ever felt like you didn't really like your birthstone? Suspect that birthstones are just something American Commercialism invented? We know how you feel! The truth is, the 'official' birthstone list from the American National Association of Jewelers was adopted in 1912 - and we KNOW many of these traditions predate that list. So we've done a little research into ALTERNATE birthstones, and here's what we found for March.

    A Mystical Birthstone list dating back well over a thousand years to Tibetan origin offers stones meant to help one overcome the obstacles of their birth month. For March babies, your stone is JADE. In prehistoric times, Jade was valued for its toughness and used to craft weapons. As early as 3000 B.C. Jade was valued in China as the 'royal gem'. The stone embodies the Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. This stone has also been used to represent the female-erotic! Jade has a history in ancient Egypt as the stone of love, inner peace, harmony and balance. In parts of Asia its known as lucky or protective. Jade strengthens the body, promotes wisdom and ensures a long life. For more Jade Jewelry at TradewindsVT.com type 'Jade' in the search box online!

    Ice Trilliant
Aquamarine Stud Earrings in 18k GoldPrefer your traditional sparkling Aquamarine? Mined mostly in Brazil, these stunning stones can range from blue-green to teal to pure blue. Folklore calls Aquamarine a healing stone, supposedly helpful in reducing the effects of poisons. Sailors kept this gemstone to prevent seasickness and keep them safe. Aquamarine is believed to endow the wearer with foresight, courage and happiness, to increase intelligence, and make one youthful. A perfect stone to ward off the winter blues!

    Search Birthstone Jewelry for March

    Death and Life in Tanah TorajaAncestors of the Torajan People, Indonesia
    Dave Takes An Intimate Look At Indonesian Funeral Practices

    This month, Dave's Photo Gallery brings you to Sulawesi, a small island of Indonesia and home to the Torajan people, where ancient funeral customs are still practiced today. From cliffs displaying the ancestors to hanging coffins, Dave's gallery takes an intimate yet respectful look at the role death plays in life.

    Enter Dave's Photo Gallery

    The Day I Got Into Trouble At the Kathmandu AirportDaughter's Treasure Antique Nepalese Coin Necklace
    Diana Writes Of An Adventure At Customs

    Diana's Travel Story this month is quite a treat! Ever wonder how Tradewinds acquires the more rare and unique pieces? Like Patrie pendants, Kukri Knives, Ghao Boxes, Spirit Houses, etc? Ever been lucky enough to step into the Tradewinds' Warehouse? Or just stared in appreciation at the relics on display in our Burlington, VT store? Tradewinds takes pride in bringing you authentic antiques - but sometimes getting these pieces is a story in itself! Find out what happened when Diana tried to bring some authentic OLD coins through customs in Kathmandu.

    Click Here To Read Diana's Story

    David and Diana Travel OnMorvi, India
    Tiruvannamalai, Chennai, Mamallapuram - Wherever Will They Go Next?

    If you've been following the adventures of David and Diana, they're still vacationing in India. We heard from them in late February. They've visited little towns, sprawling cities, soaring towers and massive temple complexes. Diana wrote on February 23rd, "We are going to attend the Shiva Ratri festival at the temple tonight. It will be quite an exciting festival, although probably not as crazy as it is on Nepal. We already were at the temple earlier today - it's really a massive temple complex, with soaring towers over 200 ft tall. Tonight the edges of the buildings will be lit by thousands of little oil lamps, all carefully placed in decorative patterns. This afternoon, they had music and drumming and a temple elephant who would accept rupee coins from pilgrims, and then, in return, bless each one by brushing their bowed head with her trunk. I watched her scoop up many many coins, and hold them all in her trunk. It was a very charming scene."

    We look forward to sharing more of David and Diana's adventures and insights with you! Keep watching the map for WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE DAVID AND DIANA? as Dave journeys off to the amber trade show in Gdansk, Poland, and Diana heads to Nepal in search of hot new styles to bring back JUST FOR YOU!

    Where In The World Are David and Diana Today?
    Shop Tradewinds Today
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    December 04, 2008

    Tradewinds Your Passport to Shopping Adventure - Burlington, VT

    What's New This Season?
  • Tradewinds On-Line Pop Quiz
  • If Cold December Gave You Birth...
  • Carved In Stone


  • Holiday Shopping at Tradewinds This Year Is More Fun Than Ever!
    Hot In-Store Sales Make Holiday Shopping A Breeze!
    December, 2008

    Burgundy Blooms Garnet and Sterling Silver Pendant
    Dear Customer,

    Nervous about the weight of your wallet this holiday season? Still want the perfect gift for your special someone? Let Tradewinds help!

    This December, spend $100.00 or more at our Downtown Burlington store and get a FREE $20 gift card! Plus, all customers have a chance to win a $200 Shopping Spree from our Holiday Giveaway Raffle! Come in and ask our friendly sales associates today.

    View The In-Store Sales Calendar

    Silk Jewelry Boxes Tradewinds On-Line Pop Quiz
    Did you know that...

    • You can now send your ONLINE WISHLIST to friends and family members. It's easy! Just go to www.tradewindsvt.com, log in to your account at tradewinds online, and start shopping! As you select your items, you'll be given the option to add these items to your wishlist, instead of to your cart. Then, view your wishlist, and type an email address to send the list too! Hey girls, want to make sure your man knows what you want this holiday? We're making it easy!
    • Shipping is FREE for jewelry purchases online. That's right - FREE SHIPPING through USPS priority mail on all jewelry purchases. And don't worry - our shipping is prompt!
    • All jewelry purchased online gets glamorous silk boxes. FREE HOLIDAY GIFT WRAPPING is also available at the customer's request. Holidays are stressful - let us take care of the packaging!
    • Newsletter recipients can get a FREE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT with any online order. Enter the words "Christmas Ornament" in the comments box at checkout!
    • Have a question about an online order? See something in our store that you can't find online? Why not give us a call or drop us an email? We're here to help, so SHOP TRADEWINDS TODAY!

    Dewdrop Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Pendant If Cold December Gave You Birth...
    Tradewinds Unveils The December Birthstones!

    An Old Gregorian Chant reads: If cold December gave you birth The month of snow and ice and mirth Place on your hand a turquoise blue; Success will bless whate'er you do.

    December babies can brag about their claim to THREE amazing birthstones: Turquoise, Blue Zircon and Blue Topaz. This year, we're featuring Blue Topaz.

    Topaz is thought to be named from the Sanskrit word for fire, tapas. In the Middle Ages people wore Topaz to heal mental and physical disorders, and even to prevent death! Greeks thought the stone could make its wearer invisible. Topaz is commonly thought of as a symbol of love and affection, and supposedly, can also help promote concentration of creative energies.

    Dreaming of Topaz means that good fortune is on its way - so bring someone the gift of fortune by presenting them with one of our sparkling Blue Topaz pieces today!

    See All Birthstone Jewelry for December

    Stone Avolakitaswara Statue, Cambodia Carved In Stone
    Dave and Diana Bring You Art from Asia and the Middle East

    For December, Dave and Diana have teamed up to bring you a special treat. First, visit Dave's new photo gallery "Carved in Stone", featuring fabulous examples of stone temples and other stone carvings from Asia and the Middle East. Then, step into Diana's newest travel story, "An Incredible Act of Faith: The Kailas Temple at Ellora, India" to read more about one of these monuments carved in stone!

    Black Dragon Pool, China 


    From David and Diana McLeod and all the staff here at Tradewinds, Imports, we hope you have a safe, warm, and happy holiday season!

    Shop Tradewinds Today!
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    October 07, 2008

    Tradewinds - Your Peronal Invitation To Amber Day

  • Opal's Mystery Revealed!
  • Spooky Stories...
  • Fall Shipments Have Arrived!
  • Amber Day Is Here! Save Big On October 12th!
    Amazing Deals in the Store and Online.
    October 2008

    Necklacetw  Dear Customer,

    Tradewinds is excited to announce that AMBER DAY is Sunday October 12th! Our Polish wholesaler is arriving at our Downtown Burlington Store with a truckload of designer, one-of-a-kind pieces in sterling silver and all of it is on sale!

    All Amber in sterling silver is 15% OFF, MENTION THIS NEWSLETTER and receive an ADDITIONAL 10% OFF!

    Is 18k Gold what you're looking for? Our Amber collection in gold is not officially on sale, but MENTION THIS NEWSLETTER and we'll give you 10% OFF any Amber jewelry set in gold.

    Can't make it to Burlington on October 12th? Don't despair, AMBER DAY is happening ONLINE as well!

    All sterling silver and Amber Jewelry on our website is 10% OFF As always, priority mail shipping is free on Jewelry to anywhere in the continental United States so don't miss out! Log on and save big! If you are planning to make the drive to Burlington be sure to check out our HAPPENINGS PAGE for up-to-the-minute details and any schedule changes that might occur.

    Opal's Mystery Revealed!
    This Fiery Stone Heats Up October Birthdays

    Ever wonder what Opal actually is? Interestingly, it is a mineraloid gel which is deposited at a relatively Earrings low temperature and may occur in the fissures of almost any kind of rock. Precious opal, from which most jewelry is made does have an internal structure. Ordered spheres of silica help produce opal's internal colors by interfering and diffracting light as it passes through the stone. Cool right?

    In the Middle Ages, opal was considered lucky because it was believed to possess all the virtues of each gemstone whose color was represented in it's color spectrum. Later in history, Opal was seen as bad luck if not the owners's birthstone. It's not hard to make the leap that the extreme fragility of opal, compared to other gem stones, might have contributed to these and other superstitions.

    Tradewinds offers a huge selection of natural precious opal. the majority of it is in the form of OPAL DOUBLET. A Doublet is a slice of colorful natural opal glued on to a dark backing of potch (opal with no play of color), obsidian, onyx or some other dark backing. This process gives the opal more strength and durability as it's being set and worn.

    More Opal Jewelry

    Spooky Stories...Bran Castle, Transylvania
    Just in Time for Halloween: Diana's Tales of Transylvania

    This month in FUN FEATURES Diana and Dave travel to Romania, only to discover that the spirit of Dracula still haunts the misty Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. Click here to read FULL MOON OVER TRANSYLVANIA: IN SEARCH OF DRACULA if you dare!

    This month in Dave's Photo Gallery he walks us through A DAY IN NEPAL. These new images, from his recent trip to Bhaktapur, a small town nestled in the Kathmandu Valley, are sure to inspire the inner traveler in us all.


    Fall Shipments Have Arrived!
    New Jewelry is Pouring in, Get a Jump on the Holidays!Earrings_silver_2

    'Tis the season for massive jewelry shipments at our Downtown Burlington Store. We have finally received the much anticipated shipment of THAI HILLTRIBE jewelry, including a selection in gold vermeil!

    Dave went insane in Bali and sent kilos of beautiful new green TURQUOISE as well as OPAL all set in an array of new sterling silver designs.

    The new GOLD JEWELRY from Nepal and Hong Kong is already on display, you won't want to miss out on the new CULTUR ED PEARL and DIAMOND selections or the new GREEN AMBER designs in 18k gold.

    October is also a great month to cash in on great deals at our Downtown Store.

    • BEAD SALE - 20%-60% Off Selected Necklaces: September 29th-October 12th
    • WAREHOUSE SALE- 20%-70% Off Selected Handicraft Items - October 13th-October 26th
    • HALLOWEEN SALE 15%-50% Off Storewide -October 27th-November 2nd
    To see all of our In-Store sales for October check out the IN-STORE SALES CALENDAR on the HAPPENINGS Page

    Tradewinds Online is growing this month also. We have uploaded a ton of new AMBER JEWELRY to the NEW ARRIVALS Page in preparation for the ONLINE AMBER DAY SALE. Receive 10% OFF all Amber and Sterling Silver jewelry for the entire month! Log on and enjoy!

  • Amber Day Details
  • Fun Features
  • Opal Jewelry
  • New Arrivals
  • phone: (toll free) 1-888-485-5488

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    August 21, 2008

    Ricky and Lucy's Country Greenhouse - August Newsletter


    July 2008

    Ricky and Lucy's Country Greenhouse Newsletter

    Join Our Mailing List


    Why quit? Money? Health? Are these good enough reasons?

    Let's look at some numbers:  1 cigarette takes off 8 minutes. 2 packs a day takes away 12-15 years of your life. There are over 4,000 known poisons in cigarettes, and just one drop of nicotinic acid can kill a grown man. 

    Now the good news!  Within 24 hours of quitting, your risk of a heart attack diminishes.  Within 48 hours, nerve endings begin to redevelop and your ability to taste and smell start to return. 

    So you want to quit smoking now?  No need to buy a patch or chew the nicotine gum.  We offer natural ways to quit smoking!  Find out more...




    needs your help!  Statewide, we need more trees, you can be a part of the solution!  Trees provide cool shade for years to come & they increase the value of your property, there are benefits for everyone!  From August 15th to August 31st we are offering 25% off on our trees, shrubs % perennials! 

    See the coupon below.

    Dear Teri, 

    Greetings from Ricky & Lucy's Greenhouse!

    Summer didn't wait to turn the heat dial up to the max! All our hard work has been worth it: gardens full of produce, cut flowers & great foliage! We're thankful for our carefree, drought tolerant beauties that don't flinch at the high temps, & we pamper our cherished favorites that require some extra TLC. All in all, everything works together to put on a great show!

    ~Herb of the Month Club!

    August Herb of the MonthWhat's missing from your summer cooking? Time to add a little spark: perfect your grilling ventures with a little flavor from Ricky & Lucy's!

    Provencial Herb Blend is August's herb of the Month! It serves as a tasty rub for pork or lamb, so its the perfect way to end your summer grilling season. Order your bottle today and try it on this deliciously simple recipe for Grilled Lamb Chops! 

    We've had tremendous response to our Herb of the Month Club. If you're holding out, why wait any longer? Save 10% off the chosen blend! To subscribe, just send us a message at Info@RickyandLucysgreenhouse.com stating you want to join and you will receive a monthly e-mail describing the chosen herb & its uses, along with a recipe. No cost involved whatsoever. Herbs & spices make great gifts!


    August Earth JuiceWe're not the only ones appreciating our gardens; seems like the bugs always know when our plants are at their best, too. Remember to water, keep a close eye on your gardens, & watch for any signs of stress, including foliage discoloration/drop/curl, drooping branches, etc. Insect & fungal infestations can be blatantly obvious to the naked eye, but using a magnifying glass can really help, especially if you're new to the world of bug diagnosis. You've spent money & time turning your yard into something special, so protect that investment & look over your plants from time to time. Often, we do this automatically as we deadhead, water, weed & feed; however, a reminder never hurts & might save some grief & losses in the long run. Healthy specimens that are watered, fed & pruned are less susceptible to disease! 

    If you suspect a problem and need some help we carry a full line of organic fertilizers and pest control!  We are offering 15% off Earth Juice & Perfectly Natural Fertilizers (see coupon below).  Visit our site today to see our Plant Nutrition products and our organic Insecticides and Fungicides.

    Thanks again for your support! Take care, stay cool & we'll chat with you soon!

    Happy planting,


    Dan & Teri Wolff
    Ricky & Lucy's Country Greenhouse

    11732 Road 32







    Save 25%

    Present this coupon at Ricky and Lucy's Country Greenhouse to receive 25% off our trees, shrubs and perennials.  You can also use this code 081508 to receive your discount at the greenhouse!

    Offer Expires: 08/31/2008

    Save 15%

    Present this coupon at Ricky and Lucy's Country Greenhouse to receive 15% off Earth Juice & Perfecly Natural fertilizers.  You may also use this code 0808 in the store or online to receive your discount!

    Offer Expires: 08/10/2008

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    Tradewinds Imports - SIZZLING SUMMER SALES

    What's New?
  • Sweet Shells for Summer
  • The Many Faces of Buddha
  • Gem of the Sun
  • A Worthy Cause
  • New Arrivals
  • Palace Intrigue
  • Silver Workers Strike in Nepal
  • Sizzling Sales at Tradewinds!
    Spruce Up Your Summer Style
    August, 2008

    Cinnamon Sunset Sterling Silver Earrings Dear Customer,

    Summer means sales, and we have the perfect items for your summer wardrobe. Come into our downtown Burlington store between July 28th and August 10th for 50% to 70% off selected silver earring styles. This is our hottest earring sale all year, so you definitely don't want to miss out. Mention this newsletter in our store to receive an EXTRA 10% OFF our already crazily low sale prices!

    Then, from August 11th to September 1st we'll have our feature Sizzling Summer Sale, with a full case of sale jewelry including toe rings, anklets, large shell pendants and more at huge discounts. Everything you need to look your best in the summer sun.

    Take a look at the In-Store Sales Calendar

    Sunlit Sea Abalone and Opal Pendant Sweet Shells for Summer
    Online Discounts You Won't Believe

    Online Shoppers - Do we ever have a deal for you. For the entire month of August ALL SHELL JEWELRY is 20% off! This means earrings, pendants, rings, anything in our Shell Boutique. We offer free U.S.P.S. Priority Mail shipping on all jewelry items shipped in the United States.

    Check out our On Sale Now page for even more hot discounted items!

    Stone Carvings from Borobodur Temple, Indonesia The Many Faces of Buddha
    From India to China the Buddha is Revered

    Whether you are a Buddhist practitioner or simply appreciate Asian art and culture, the figure of the Buddha is a familiar face. Tradewinds offers a variety of Buddha figures in brass, bone resin, stone and wood.

    Lucky Chinese BuddhaBuddhist iconography is incredibly diverse. Most are meant to represent Siddhartha Guatama, an Indian prince born in 563 B.C. and the founder of Buddhism. But archeologists believed that the first Buddha statues were not created until a good four or five hundred years after Guatama's death. Some statues are thought to have Greek and Persian influences, particularly for the cloth wraps.

    The title 'Buddha' literally means 'enlightened one'. Many Buddha statues actually represent other teachers of the Buddhist faith. The most common example of this is the Chinese Laughing Buddha. This happy figure has both a Japanese and Chinese origin, combining the monks Angida and Budai. Both monks were rotund, usually seen laughing and carrying a bag.

    Buddhism has a rich history, and its art is as diverse as the countries this religion sweeps across. To see some of the many figures of Buddha sold at Tradewinds, both statuary and jewelry, browse The Buddha's Path online, or come into our downtown Burlington store!

    Step Onto The Buddha's Path

    Flower Power Peridot Ring Gem of the Sun
    Spectacular Greens For August

    Did you know:

    • Ancient Egyptians called Peridot "the Gem of the Sun"
    • Ancient Romans called Peridot "the Evening Emerald" because of the deep vivid color that shows up under lamplight
    • Ancient Vedic, Persian and Indo-Iranian cultures used cups made of Peridot for their ritual drinks of Soma
    • Powdered Peridot has been used to cure asthma
    • If you have a fever, placing peridot under your tongue supposedly lessens thirst
    • Peridot is an aid to friendship and clears the mind of envy
    • Peridot is associated with stress reduction and relaxation
    • Peridot has been found in meteorites, making it one of the only stones known to exist outside our solar system
    • Peridot was favored by pirates as a powerful amulet against evil
    Browse Our Online Selection of Peridot Jewelry

    TenFriends Posterchild A Worthy Cause
    Dave Writes in From Kathmandu

    Dave has been traveling Asia on his annual summer buying trip. Visit Where in the World are David and Diana? on the Happenings page of our website to see where he is today!

    A letter from David: "Namaste from exotic Kathmandu. I ran into my old friend Rand Runco, a teacher from Oregon who has spent the last nine summers here doing charitable work. His organization, http://www.tenfriends.org/, is trying to buy a property for the Helpful Home Orphanage, which is losing its lease. Rand pays for all his own expenses, so that 100% of donations go directly to the orphanage. The life of an orphan in a very poor country like Nepal is very difficult, so if you feel like helping a child in need, please contact Rand at www.tenfriends.o rg.

    To Browse Other Charities Tradewinds Supports, See Our Links Page

    Creme Brule Banana Amber Pendant New Arrivals
    Jewelry Keeps Flooding In

    Dave's trip might be wrapping up, with only twenty odd days left, but the goods keep coming! We've received new shipments of beads, jade necklaces, gold earrings and pendants, and of course, brand new styles of Nepalese jewelry in sterling silver. There are tons of new tapestries - perfect for college dorm rooms. And who can resist a new sarong for the summer? Plus, amber amber amber! Come in today and see what we have for you!

    Shop Our Online New Arrivals Now!

    Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Palace Intrigue
    Diana takes readers inside the Sultans' palace in Istanbul

    Get a sneak peek into the Sultan's legendary harem. Hunger after the smells that must have arisen from the huge kitchens. Look through the treasures given to Sultans by neighboring princes. Ogle the Topkapi Dagger and the Spoonmakers' Diamond. Diana takes you behind the scenes in one of the most fabled palaces of history.

    Read Diana's Travel Story "Palace Intrigue: Topkapi Palace in Istanbul"

    copper seller, Nepal Silver Workers Strike in Nepal
    How will this affect you?

    This year, for the first time, silver workers have collectively bargained for wage increases. Tradewinds supports a substantial cost of living adjustment for workers' salaries. The price of basic staples and other commodities like kerosene has doubled and in some cases, tripled this year in Nepal. We know that it is hard for our customers to support price hikes here, especially with the price of silver being so high, but in the interest of supporting "fair trade" wherever possible, we all have to do our part. Tradewinds would like to thank our customers for being so understanding of store price adjustments!

    View Photos of Nepal in Dave's Photo Gallery
    Quick Links
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    July 07, 2008

    Ricky and Lucy's Country Greenhouse Newsletter Sidney, NE

    Teri,  Ricky_lucys_greenhouse_logo

    Greetings from Ricky & Lucy's Greenhouse!

    Summer's blossoms bask in the warmth of the sun; they shamelessly enjoy these longer days. Produce gardens of herbs, fruits, veggies & the like quickly pick up the pace in the heat. From a gardener's point of view, we just work to keep up with it all! Mother Nature must chuckle as she watches us scurry to & fro! Indeed, there is much to accomplish; rewardingly, the fruits of our labor abound as we relish (& eat!) the prolific eye candy of the season.





    That's right, we've got a sale on annuals: buy one, get one free of equal or lesser value! It's not too late to create some gorgeous containers or add great color to your yard. You might not know that we carry many annuals that you haven't seen locally. Tall & bushy, creeping & trailing, twirling & vining-let these beauties weave their way into your heart!

    AND- Have you heard of pelargoniums?


    PeriYou might not think so, but you have! Pellies (or geraniums) are a big family that includes the typical zonal geraniums you see at stores every spring. But, did you also know that pellies come in many other exotic forms that do just as well in our area? We carry quite a few at Ricky & Lucy's:
    ~fancy zonals that are drop dead gorgeous with cheerful bright blooms held up against dramatic, darkly splotched foliage
    ~angels (hard to find) in upright & trailing varieties-very well-suited to hanging baskets & a great alternative to common ivy leaf geraniums
    ~scented leaf geraniums that will amaze & surprise you with their diverse aromas-perfect for a collection!
    ~& more!
    This may not be the first time you've heard of scented leaf geraniums, as they've recently taken the gardening world by storm. However, they have been around since the early 17th century! They (& all other pellies to my knowledge) hail from

    South Africa

    . Scenteds have been grown by prominent Americans like Thomas Jefferson. They were adored in Victorian times, when potted plants were placed just so to catch the skirts of women passing by, thus releasing their fragrance into the air. Your grandmothers, great grandmothers & on back may have grown them as houseplants on windowsills. More recently, the scented geranium was named Herb of the Year in 2006. Yes, they are herbs! Scented leaves are mainly used in desserts & beverages. The leaves can be layered in sugar, then the scented sugar is used in recipes & teas. The leaves also lend themselves well to crafts, including potpourri & soap making. Scenteds are easy to grow indoors & out-they make great houseplants on a sunny windowsill. Children absolutely love them! Finally-a plant a child can touch to their heart's content! Truly, scenteds bring out the scratch & sniff in all of us, I think. Start your collection with some lovely varieties from Ricky & Lucy's! Most scenteds can only be propagated by cuttings, & the greenhouse lovingly does this throughout the winter months. We have fruity cultivars like apple & grapefruit, spicy scents like nutmeg & cinnamon, refreshers like peppermint or floral scents like old-fashioned rose! And-they're discounted 25%! Come peek & sniff while supplies last; they are highly addictive & you might find a great grouping for yourself or a friend!

    ~Herb of the Month Club! 

    Herb of the MonthRicky & Lucy's Herb of the Month Club continues to be a fun endeavor. Send us a note today to receive your monthly e-mail describing a chosen herb, its uses & a time-tested recipe. Mixed Pickling Spice is on for July, with a recipe for Summer Shellfish Boil. Absolutely scrumptious! Sign up today to find out more!

    *Don't forget that we carry great lines of organic fertilizers!

    FertEarth Juice (liquid) & Perfectly Natural (granular slow-release) products provide you with choices for lawns, tomatoes/vegetables, roses/flowers & all-purpose feeding. Wait 'til you see the fabulous results from these amazing goods!

    In closing, we'd just like to invite you to come out to the greenhouse anytime! For those that might not be familiar, many gardens surround the barn, greenhouse buildings & our home. All sorts of plantings that highlight tree/shrub rows, pond/water features, shade beds, veggies, herbs, natives, perennials, annuals, container/window boxes, statuary-you name it, we have it! Bring a friend & enjoy a relaxing stroll together. The gardens are putting on an exceptional show this year & you can gather all sorts of ideas for your own landscaping. If you come by yourself, why not settle down on one of the many "perch spots" scattered throughout? Feel free to read a book, or just close your eyes & listen to the wonderfully peaceful sounds around you. We promise that you'll have a great time! Until then, enjoy your summer & we'll look forward to talking with you soon!

    Happy planting,

    11732 Road 32







    New Products and Product Updates:

    1. Redwood Mulch:

    Wow! We've had great response to our mulch over the last month; thank you! This mulch won us over with its abilities to stay put in the wind. The rich color looks great & is highly complimentary to plants in beds. In the spring, just turn the mulch over a bit & it looks brand new again. Still some left-come take a look!

    2. Comfrey Tea:

    A must for your tomatoes! Our homemade tea fresh from our own comfrey plants out in the garden-tomato plants at the greenhouse go nuts over the stuff! A great organic fertilizer sold for a limited time only!

    3. Naturally Grown Veggies & Herbs:

    Straight from the greenhouse gardens to your table! Fresh rhubarb cut throughout the season-perfect for desserts & other imaginative dishes. Call us to find out the latest & greatest available produce! On the same note, we'd like to share some info with you that we just received from a friend on the lifesaving benefits of whole foods (like fruits & veggies).  Click Here to watch the video!

    4. 2008 T-Shirts:

    Still have a few in stock-get yours before they're gone-wear it to the greenhouse to get 15% off all your purchases during the entire year! No additional discounts on sale items.

    5. Radius Ergonomic Garden Tools & Atlas Nitrile Gloves:

    These wares are hits in the industry & proven performers, too! Tools have bright green, curved handles that are easy to grip when joint pain is an issue. Durable gloves fit like a second skin so that you can actually feel what you're doing-no more baggy garden gloves!  Order your garden tools today!

    6. Fall Bulbs:

    Ricky & Lucy's will be taking requests from now until August for our annual fall bulb order. If there are any specific varieties you have been hunting for, please let us know. We'd love to include your interests on the order!  Click here to see the bulbs we have available.

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    July 01, 2008

    Tradewinds Online


    Tradewinds Online Offers PayPal!

    We're Expanding Our Ability to Serve You!

    Dear Diana, Tradewinds_1_5

    Tradewinds is opening new doors and expanding its horizon! We've taken on an ambitious new web marketing project and we'd like you to know all about it. If you're reading this newsletter you probably know that Tradewinds has an ONLINE STORE. But did you know that we offer PayPal for easy, fast and secure checkout?
    Don't have a PayPal account? No sweat! We take MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.
    You can receive FREE SHIPPING (U.S.P.S. Priority Mail) on all jewelry purchases.

    Love Tradewinds but live far away from downtown Burlington? Forward our site to your friends, bookmark your favorite items, hint to loved ones when your birthday or special occasion is near. Need that replacement chain or perfect gift?

    Tradewinds_2_2SHOP ONLINE AT TRADEWINDSVT.COM TODAY! We'll see you on the world wide web!


    Tradewinds Is The Way To Save

    ·       Earring Sale: Buy One Pair of Earrings, Get a Second Pair Half Off!! July 1st - July 13th, In Store Only

    ·       Wheel of Fortune Ring Sale: Discounts from 10% to 60% off with a chance of spinning a free ring! July 14th - July 27th, In Store Only

    ·       Church Street Sidewalk Sale: July 30th - August 1st, Special In-Store Sales

    ·       Pottery Sale: 15% Off All Cups, Teapots and Vases, July 1st - July 31st, Online Only

    For more in-store sales for July and August check out our summer sales calendar online.

    View Our Online "On Sale Now" Page Now

    Let The Wedding Bells Ring

    Everything The Newlyweds Need, Here at TradewindsTradewinds_3_3

    July is the month for weddings, and Tradewinds has all you need for bridal jewelry, gifts for the bridal party, or gifts for the new couple and their home. In our downtown store we have tapestries, lamps, mirrors and wall-hangings. Online we're featuring a special sale on pottery. And look today at this very special woodcarving, displaying the ultimate love story of Rama and Sita.

    Rama and Sita are the ideal couple. From the Hindu epic "The Ramayana" comes the story of Sita's abduction by the evil demon Ravena. Rama's quest to find his love takes him all across India, meeting many gods along the way. Sita is liberated in a mammoth clash of the gods, and Ravena is defeated. This is the greatest love story of the Hindu Gods, and a romantic wedding gift for any couple.

    Tradewinds_4_2 Save on Bridesmaid's Gifts

    Let Tradewinds Make Your Night Perfect

    New Brides: panicking about what to get your bridesmaids? Can't find the right jewelry to match your mother-in-law's dress? Let us help you! To congratulate you on your happy time we'd like to give you 15% Off any purchase of three or more items intended as gifts for the bridal party purchased from our downtown store. We have a huge selection and are happy to search our stock for just the right thing. Check our reviews out today on http://www.weddingwire.com/vendor/VendorViewProfile?vid=26ffa326bf8937e2  and see how we've helped other brides like you!

    We Actually Lived In A Cave Tradewinds_5_2

    David and Diana Take On Turkey

    Every year David and Diana find somewhere far away and interesting to vacation. This past April David and Diana traveled to Turkey, for an experience like nothing they had yet seen. The highlights? Fairy chimneys, underground churches, and the Shoestring Cave Hotel, complete with the 'Reception Cave' and 'High Speed Internet Cave'! Read Diana's story "We Actually Lived in a Cave" and then visit Dave's Photo Gallery " Land of the Cave Dwellers" to get a special taste of Turkey! (Technical difficulties with the photo gallery should be fixed soon.)

    Tradewinds_6_2 Stay tuned in the middle of each month for the next installment of Dave and Diana's trip to the Everest Basecamp in Tibet! Part five of six will be on our "Fun Features" page on July 15th! To follow the adventures so far go to the Travel Story Archive.

    Love following David and Diana's travels? Wondering where Dave is now? Jump to our "Where in the World are David and Diana" page under our website's "Happenings" to see!

    Go To Our Fun Features Page Now!

    King of Gems, Lord of Stones

    July Birthstone Revealed in All its Glory

    July babies have always loved their precious red stone, but did you know these interesting facts about the great king of gems? 

    • Indian legends say that the ruby was born from the blood of a demon, wild, fiery, passionate and dangerous.Tradewinds_7_3
    • Rubies in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) are thought to confer invulnerability - by inserting the stone into the flesh until it becomes a part of its owner's body. Those who wear rubies in this way are believed to be incapable of being wounded by spear, sword or gun.
    • Ground into a powder and placed on the tongue, ruby was thought to cure blood diseases.
    • An owner of a ruby set in any jewelry and worn as a talisman on the left side in 14th Century Europe was assured a long, peaceful, happy life, and that his home, fruit-trees and vineyards would be safe from injury or weather!
    • Ruby is one of the twelve stones worn on the breastplate of the High Priest in Ancient Jerusalem.

    Shop for Ruby Jewelry at TradewindsVT.Com

    Come In and See What's New Tradewinds_8_2

    Tradewinds Boasts The Arrival of New Shipments of Handicraft and Jewelry

    Something's always new at Tradewinds, but this month we've been hit with more than ever. Our downtown Burlington store has a new body jewelry display. New Polish amber, including carved roses and elaborate cameos. Beaded necklaces in a myriad of bright colors. New styles of stainless steel rings and now stainless bracelets. Stunning jade necklaces from China. And a large shipment of jewelry in gold and silver is on its way now from Nepal.

    Plus, containers from India and Thailand recently arrived stuffed with beautiful new pieces for your home or dorm room. We have the best collection of jewelry boxes we've ever seen. New lamps in bright colors. Finally a huge collection of tapestries. And yes, the Nagchampa incense you've been waiting for is finally here.

    Come into our Downtown store today to see why so many people love Tradewinds! And keep watching online - we'll have new items for you each month as our collection grows.

    What's New Online?

    email: newsletter@tradewindsvt.com

    phone: (toll free) 1-888-485-5488

    web: www.tradewindsvt.com

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    June 26, 2008

    Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse has herbs evaluated by Whole Foods Market

    Ricky_lucys_greenhouse_sign Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse recently had their organically grown herbs and spices evaluated by Whole Foods Market. The herbs were assessed across three different categories; appearance, taste, and price. The herb blends received high marks from Whole Foods Market in each of the three categories. Whole Foods Market has over 270 stores across the nation and in Great Britain, and is the leading retail store for organically and naturally raised foods. Four other evaluators, including GROW Nebraska , also gave the herbs high marks.

    Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse is owned and operated by Dan and Teri Wolff. It is located 7 miles northeast of Sidney, NE on ten sprawling acres. It boasts over 70 herb and spice blends, all of which are 100% organic. Most of the herbs are grown at the greenhouse in its 20+ gardens, which provide the perfect backdrop for a delightful afternoon stroll. Herbs are hand-harvested and processed right in the greenhouse’s kitchen. Simple herbs such as cilantro and minced garlic are available, but more adventurous customers often go for one of the original blends. Try the new Olive Rub, which is fabulous as dipping oil, or go Rick_lucy_bath_and_bodyfor the Moroccan Blend for a great and simple way to kick cooked vegetables up a notch.

    Organically grown trees, shrubs, vegetables, houseplants, perennials, and annuals are also offered at the  greenhouse. The four greenhouses are loaded with beautiful and unique plants that are well suited to grow in western Nebraska . Fresh, locally grown produce is offered throughout the growing season with a “pick your own” option for some types. While at the greenhouse, you can also peruse the selection of organic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides, as well as earth-friendly cleaning and bath and body products. Dan and Teri also make an annual trip to Mexico, where they hand-select pieces of original pottery and cast iron crafts to be sold at the greenhouse. 

    The Nebraska Travel and Tourism Division recently visited Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse. The Division identified the greenhouse as a “magnet attraction” for Cheyenne County , that is, a primary reason why Rick_lucy_barnpeople visit a particular city or area. They suggested conducting group tours of the greenhouse that would include a demonstration, such as hand harvesting and processing herbs, and a free spice sample. They also proposed including visits to the greenhouse in tour packages.

    Ricky and Lucy’s Country Greenhouse is open seven days a week from 9-6 in the summer and 9-5 in the winter, it is located at 11732 Road 32. For more information, or to shop on-line visit their new website at www.rickyandlucysgreenhouse.com or call (308) 254-2204.

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    June 03, 2008

    Full Moon On Main - Bisbee, Arizona

    Full_moon_store_front Welcome to Full Moon On Main!

    We’re located on Main Street in the lovely town of Bisbee, Arizona.  Our diverse and beautiful items come from Full_moon_3artists located all across the country.

    Please visit us when you’re in town for a unique shopping  experience.  And if you can’t come in person but see something you like on our site, please call or email. We will be happy to ship an item of your choice.

    Our featured artists are located throughout the USA and work with different mediums such as copper, glass, fibre and wood.

    Featured Artists

    Susan Banta
    Holly Berry
    Dave Bruce
    Barbara CampbellFull_moon_1
    Margaret Dorfman
    Grace Gunning
    Mark Hines
    Shari Keith
    Patrick Shannon
    Wheat WeaversFull_moon_4
    Woock Studios
    Richard Kolb - Yardbirds®
    Z Garden PartyA

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